“Best place in Los Angeles if you want perfect brows!! I am an NFL cheerleader so my face and eyebrows are very important and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Mahnaz and the students are perfectionists and care about the outcome of every single eyebrow! They really make sure you are happy with how your brows look throughout the entire process. Procedure was relatively painless and they heal beautifully. I highly recommend anyone in search of the perfect brows to come here! Thank you Elite Permanent Makeup!!”

Megan T.

Los Angeles, CA

“Elite Permanent Makeup has transformed me from having scant disappearing eyebrows to having beautifully shaped luxurious eyebrows! I was a bit apprehensive going into the process but their professionalism and attention to detail assured me of the end outcome, which was amazing! As a busy professional woman, it is such an amazing time saver having perfect brows the minute you wake up! I highly recommend Elite Permanent Makeup and as your one stop shop for all your permanent makeup needs.”

Sally T.

Porter Ranch, CA

“The first time I came to Mahnaz was almost two years ago, summer 2014 I was amazed then when she did my eyebrows and couldn’t wait for my re-do a few weeks ago. I thought I was amazed then, I’m totally floored this time. I feel wonderful with my new brows and can’t wait to go back next month for my lips. By the way I took my 86 year old Mom with me last time and she said, “I feel so special”! Mahnaz, her staff and students are all great to work with. I love the fact that they work strictly by appointment, it just makes it that much more personable… Thank you all.”

Maria B.

Santa Monica, CA

“I found out about Elite Permanent from a friend who received their microblading services from a student. I decided to come try them and I loved it. I was extremely nervous at first, but Mary did a fantastic job on my brows and the instructors are there every step of the way. I brought my mom a few days later as well. My brows are now healed and I still love them. I would definitely recommend them!” 

Micki J.

Atlanta, GA

“She listened patiently to my thoughts and encouraged me to share them with her. She was open to working with my ideas as well as employing her 17 years of experience in the industry to help me know what was best for me as well! I have no makeup, cosmetic, or any other sort of background in the “beauty” industry to give me any of idea of what I should be looking for, so her opinion and experience were a MAJOR plus! She was gentle and took her time to make sure that not only I was pleased, but that she was pleased. She really cares about how her art looks and that made me feel very special knowing that she was truly invested in making me feel better about myself. If she’s not happy with it, she’ll do what it takes to fix it and I have a ton of respect for her for this.”

Tiana A.

Whittier, CA

“Life changing!!! Went to Mahnaz for micro blading and couldn’t be happier. She’s a total perfectionist. She takes her time to give you beautiful brows that perfectly shape your face. My brows look super natural and no one can tell I’ve had them done. Totally worth every penny. I’d highly recommend her!”

Sadaf Y.


“This studio is amazing. All of the professionals are extremely knowledgeable and attentive. The owner, Mahnaz, is hands on with the clients and has an amazing ability to match shapes and colors with each individual and is very respectful and kind. The prices are super competitive and well worth it! I highly recommend this place!”

Jasamine L.


“Unfortunately, I was victim to the over-plucked-eyebrow craze of the early 2000’s and I’ve been struggling with sparse brows for years. Well, no more! Seriously, Mahnaz has changed my life. It might sound silly to say something like that about eyebrow enhancement, but it’s true!I feel so much more confident. I really feel that I can just roll out of bed and be good to go! I save time getting ready in the morning -no more spending 10-20 minutes filling in my eyebrows and getting frustrated when they’re not symmetrical. Mahnaz is so good at choosing the pigment that will go best with your skin tone and hair color, along with picking a shape that compliments your eye/face shape. She’s truly an artist. I’m so glad I decided to do this for myself. If you’re even considering getting a microblading procedure, come see Mahnaz. You won’t regret it, trust me!”

Deanna N.

Los Angeles,CA

“Mahnaz did such an amazing job, I came to her all the way from South Carolina to get my eyebrows micro bladed, it was worth every single penny. I will be coming back to see her again! I really wanted to get more done at the time because her work is amazing. She is very sweet and listens to what you want! Thanks gorgeous!”

Angela S.


“Mahnaz is a GOD SEND. The first time I went to her was a year ago. I had my eyebrows tattooed 10 years prior; they looked terrible! Mahnaz made them look gorgeous again, it completely changed the look of my face. My friends and family noticed too!!! I was so happy with my results that I decided to do my upper eyeliner and full lips as well! It was honestly one of the best decisions of my life! My face looking fresh, natural and glowing! I was flooded with compliments, but the best part was that no one could tell it was tattooed! It is soooooooo NATURAL looking! I recently went back for a touch up. She used this new technique on my eyebrows called feathering-wowwwww, my eyebrows look so full, beautiful and even more natural. I wanted them thicker, that was the main reason I went back. I wanted my liner thicker as well! It all turned out so well!A little about Mahnaz… I truly haven’t met someone as sweet, beautiful and professional as her. She takes her time. Makes sure you are comfortable and also numbs the areas you are having done. She has also threaded my eyebrows as well, and does a FABULOUS job.The salon is clean, and the staff is super friendly. There is parking in the back, or you can park on the street until 4 or in the mall parking structure for 3 hours. So no need to worry about crappy LA parking!HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I can’t thank her enough for such a beautiful job!”

Sheila Fay N.

Manhattan Beach,CA

“5 stars all the way. Great people, great customer service, great techniques & work!I got my eyebrows microbladed & lash line both by students. I love it. The students were confident in their work and the instructors would stop by to check on both the student & client (me). If you are planning on getting microbladed, lash line or any other service, I highly recommend you to try Elite Permanent Makeup. I promise you will not be disappointed.I also took the Microblading course and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. It took me a good year and a half to find the perfect school. Shunashy was our main instructor and she is amazing. She goes above and beyond to make sure each student is comfortable with the strokes and shapes before moving on to a live model. That’s something I appreciated because if the instructor doesn’t think you should be working on a model, they will let you know and have you practice more. While working on live models, Shunashy (instructor), Brandon (instructor), & Mahnaz (owner) would walk around & assist… Amazing! When Mahnaz came over to me & gave me a few pointers, I felt blessed. Her work is just incredible. I plan on taking the Elite beauty course with Brandon and I seriously can’t wait.Below you’ll find a before and after picture of my work (right brow only). I won’t bombard you with too many. :)”

Gisella A.


“I’m so glad I found this place, I got my brows microbladed and recently I got lash line done and I’m AMAZED AT THE QUALITY WORK done to my face. I got my work done by Mahnaz she is seriously talented, I look so much better now and so much younger thanks to her amazing work. I definitely recommend to all my friends and family. This is the best place for permanent makeup in the state”

Celia F.


“I researched countless hours on the Web for the BEST microblading shop in the Los Angeles area, and inevitably stumbled across Elite Permanent Makeup. I decided to schedule an appointment with the owner, Mahnaz, and she is the eyebrows QUEEN. Immediately, she eased my tension of receiving first-time permanent makeup; she curiously chatted with me to determine the eyebrow shape that I desired and the perfect shape for my face. And voila! After a mere 70 minutes, I was absolutely in awe with my brand new, precisely poised, full and luscious brows! I have had scarce brows my entire life, and her magic changed not only the frame and definition of my face, but myinner confidence. Thanks to Mahnaz, I am ready to conquer the world with my new brows!”

Kristi N.


“Went in for microblading eyebrows and touch up. Students were awesome as well as the instructors. The place has a nice atmosphere and felt comfortable. Will definitely be back again when I see my eyebrows fading (9mos-1yr)”

Deneba A.


“I have been going to Mahnaz for about 10 years. She saved my life! I went to someone else before her and they completely ruined my brows. Even though she was very limited I what she could do because of what the other person did, she was able to perfectly shape my brows and fix the problem with the tattoo technique (there was no such thing as microblading then). I refused to go to anyone else after that. Yesterday I went back to Mahnaz to try the microblading. I am so happy with the results! This was better than what I expected. She was gentle, quick, and very precise. She is truly and artist and perfectionist. I always allow her to do what she needs to do and I have complete trust in her vision for what I need to do. Whenever I let her do what she suggests, I am very happy with the results. She knows exactly what she is doing. God bless her”

Sally S.

Los Angeles,CA

“Mahnaz is a true artist, passionate about her job and caring about her clients. I’ve been her client for over 10 years and She always does a great job on my eyebrows. Since I’ve moved out of state, I couldn’t come to her every year but always come back for her to fix my eyebrows. The staff at Elite are courteous and professional.”

Rozita A.


“Love Mahnaz’s work! Highly recommended, she is an expert at what she does. The new salon is gorgeous. Customer service is exceptional, they are very accommodating and professional. Would return for my next touch-up”

Maricelle F.

Brooklyn, NY

“I took my grandmother here to get eyebrow micro blading done, and they did an amazing job. I don’t remember her name but she was a student. This place has a friendly staff, and talented artist that are committed to give the best looking eyebrows. I highly recommend this makeup studio”

Bianca L.


“Oh my gosh this microblading has changed our lives. My mother and I got it done together and we do not have to use any eyebrow make up anymore. We just get up and go. I find that I wear less makeup now, I sometimes put on blush but I’m not using eyeliner and mascara like I usually would on a daily basis. It has changed my look and I’m so thrilled. I recommend it to any woman who has less than perfect eyebrows. It’s quick and takes about a week to heal but even while it’s healing it looks great. I mean I can reiterate enough how thrilled we are with the results. It has changed my life I’ve been so ashamed of my eyebrows for my whole life and now I’m confident. Thanks so much elite permanent makeup.”

Danielle H.

Los Angeles,CA

“I have been so insecure about my eyebrows ever since the 90s ruined them. They were thin and lop sided from over tweezing and over waxing. I decided based on Yelp reviews that the next time I was in LA, I would come here. Mahnaz took her time drawing it out and made me feel optimistic about maybe just maybe I would have perfect eyebrows. After taking her time, she did just that. She draws out the shape and slowly adds checking with you along the way.Yes it hurts at times but the numbing cream definitely makes it manageable most of the time. I am super happy I made this investment! Thank you, Mahnaz.

UPDATE: I just came in for my yearly touch up and it’s even better than the first time. I can’t understate how important eyebrows are. I also encourage going to place that sets the bar and teaches others how to do micro blading. I travel from San Francisco to get my eyebrows done here. I won’t settle for anything other than the best and that is Elite.”

Leah C.

Palo Alto,CA

“Both my sister and I flew all the way in from Denver to have my sister’s eyebrows micro-bladed by Mahnaz. Originally my sister was the only one who was going to get her eyebrows done, but Mahnaz also offered to do mine. Let me say, I am absolutely exhilarated that I made the last minute choice to get them done. They look absolutely amazing! My sister did extensive research before picking an artist, and the reviews are absolutely true. This place is amazing. 110% if you are looking to get your eyebrows micro-bladed, this is the place to go.”

Ellie A.

Colorado Springs,CO

“Came in for my touch up a few days ago. I had a student work on me -the professionals here are super considerate and serious about making sure clients are completely in love with their brows. Upon checking in with the front desk, they already asked me about my 1st experience and guaranteed they would choose a student perfect for me. And they did. I loved the student, she was so kind and sweet. The instructors there are amazing too! They watch over the student and made sure I’m okay with everything before proceeding. Beauty care has never been so genuinely friendly and professional! Mahnaz is a fantastic owner! I love this place and would drive two hours to get this client care again. I’m so in love with my brows and the staff after this wonderful experience.”

Christine L.


“I just got home from my eyebrow touch up with Mahnaz and I’m floored. They are perfection. Previously, my eyebrows were pretty sparse and I was way over filling them in. I had been wanting to get them tattooed for a long time. I finally bit the bullet with Mahnaz after reading her great yelp reviews. Her shop is beautiful, very clean and serene. At my first visit, I was a little nervous, but Mahnaz completely put me at ease. She just went for it and the pain was so-so. It definitely hurt, but manageable. At the end, I loved the shape, but as they healed I could tell they were going to need touching up.At my touch up appointment, Mahnaz filled in the blank spaces and made them a little more full. I am soooo happy I found Mahnaz, my life is forever changed! It’s so nice to wake up and have eyebrows!”

Danielle F.

Orange County,CA


“Training at Elite Permanent Makeup and Training Center has been an incredible experience. The Owner, Mahnaz’s experience and knowledge is exceptional and it has been so much fun getting to know her and the Elite Team! Everyone is always ready to help answer any questions or concerns. There extensive knowledge and skill set combined is unmatched. Thank you Mahnaz and the Elite Permanent Makeup team for being an essential part of my success!”

Gloria O.

Torrance, CA

“WOW! Thank you Elite Permanent Makeup for one of the BEST training experiences I’ve had as an esthetician. This course made me feel very confident in the skills that will be a boost to my business here in Marin County. I flew down for a week long course and couldn’t be happier with the information and guidance I was given. Mehnaz is a gifted genius in brows and while I was there I managed to get mine done to perfection. Thank You! Thank You!”

Emily F.

San Rafael, CA

“I just finished a course in microblading and it was one of the most amazing and informative educational experience I’ve ever had. I am currently in esthetician school, I’ve taken a course in eyelash extensions, and a course in waxing and I can honestly say that I learned more in the 50 hours at Elite than I’ve learned at the other programs collectively. On top of it all, it’s a beautiful facility and the educators are extremely knowledgable and helpful. Hey are truly there to help you learn and succeed. Mahnaz (the owner), has a heart of gold and will teach you so many tricks she’s learned in her 17 years in this industry. She’s like Yoda getting her Jedis ready. She will also invite you to come back with your clients and I know will always be available to answer any questions.”

Lucinda L.

Los Angeles, CA

“OBSESSED!!!!! I came here scared to death to get my brows done by a student since the price was so low compared to the countless places I had done hours of research on and HOLY SMOKES was I blown away!!!!! My brows are LIFE!! Perfect!!! Okay first of all, everyone is SO kind!!! They make you feel comfortable and the environment is so clean and pretty!! I was SO nervous, but they put on the numbing cream and were so gentle! It honestly did not hurt! I personally feel getting my eyebrows threaded hurts way more!!! Since my eyebrow microblading I have referred 7 of my NFL Cheerleader teammates and 3 other friends and ALL of them LOVE their brows! We all vary from different hair colors and are different ethnicities and all LOVED our results! The teachers are apart of the students work every step of the way, but the students honestly are already pros and you can tell they have been practicing and perfected their skills before they touch your face! I can’t sing their praises enough! I even made a vlog about the experience because I want every woman who wants eyebrow microblading to be as happy with their results as me and my girls have!! You will not regret it!”

Gloria O.

Torrance, CA

“After getting my eyebrows microbladed 4 years ago, I was very interested in learning how to do it so I can help people. I’m a credentialed counselor and while I love my job, I always had a dream of  owning my own business. I also wanted to be able to help make someone’s life better with just a few, okay more than a few, strokes.I did some research and found out that Elite Permanent Makeup And Training was the first school to be licensed by the LA County Health Department. That instilled faith in me that hasn’t been proven wrong.I just finished the Microblading Class and became a LA Country Registered Body Art Practitioner with a certificate in Microblading. The lecture was comprehensive and the hands on training invaluable. I also love that they provide chair rentals so you can bring your clients here after you are done with the course. My dream is to grow my business and eventually take additionalcourses. In particular, I’m interested in paramedical so I can learn how to do areola restoration tattoos. I lost my mother to breast cancer so that’s something I would love to do to help breast cancer survivors.During the hands on training, the whole Elite team is there to help and give encouragement. I don’t know where or how far my Microblading journey will take me but at least I will have tried. Life is too short so live life without regrets!Thank you Mahnaz, Masha, Shuana, Brandon, and Grace for everything!”

Elizabeth A.

Monterey Park,CA

“I attended Mahnaz permanent makeup training and she is phenomenal!! This lady knows her stuff. I drove 2 hrs a day to get to her bcuz I heard she was the best in the biz. I’m going to go back to add the paramedical class. I definitely recommend her training course to anybody.”

Melissa G.


“I attended and completed the Elite Brow course here at the training center and could not be more happy. It’s a very professional yet welcoming atmosphere, where EVERYONE is helpful and willing to answer any questions you may have. They have given me the knowledge I needed to change my life and all brows out there for the better. Huge thanks to Elite Permanent Make up!”

Justine W.


“Just finished taking a microbladingcoursehere and I loved it. If you are thinking of taking a class here do it, everyone is very friendly and really take care of you. I learned a lot in five days and now I’m certified and ready to get my own business rolling.”

Oscar M.

New York, NY

“I completed a permanent cosmeticcoursehere and loved it! Very professional, informative and beautiful skilled work. I really liked the friendly, team atmosphere. It was nice having various artists around and hear different opinions and techniques. Extremely hands on and I can’t say enough about my instructor Brandon!! His knowledge, creativity patience, diligence and warmth are everything one would want and and instructor/mentor.”

Jennifer F.


“I recently came here for a Microblading course and I am SO happy I did! I read all of Elite’s reviews and now I’m here to give them another 5-star post! Fantastic staff. Everyone is knowledgeable and friendly and great at what they do. Mahnaz is the eyebrow master!!! I would advise anyone thinking of taking thecourseto attend their training and anyone who is considering cosmetic make up to come here for treatment! BIG thank you and shout out to Mahnaz and all of Elite Permanent Makeup & Training Center for teaching me how to be a great Microblade artist!”

Jill R.

Coconut Grove,Miami,FL

“I just returned home from my training and wanted to write this review right away. I live in Arizona and researched a lot of schools before choosing Elite. I knew after talking with them on the phone that the training would be great but I received so much more from this training than I ever expected.The team…Mahnaz, Shunashy and Shina are amazing. They are all caring and attentive to the
students and do whatever they can to help us succeed. Both the teaching and “hands on” time was perfect. By the time I finished the 10 daycourse, I had the opportunity to work on many models to ensure that I would be confident and prepared to do a fantastic job when I got home to my own business. Mahnaz and Shunashy are there for the students while we’re working to make sure we are confident in our work and the client is happy when we are finished. Mahnaz looks at her work as art and she teaches us to do the same.While I was there, I had microblading for my brows and my lips done by Mahnaz and I love it! I wake up in the morning and no more pencilling in my brows and I love my lip color! Amazing!I highly recommend this school to anyone who is looking for a career in this business and wanting to receive the very best. Thank you Mahnaz!”

Elizabeth C.


“I am one of her students from San Francisco. The class experience was great. They provide a nice clean and relaxing environment for students and clients. The students are from many different places. Mahnaz and shunashy are amazing instructor and trainer. They are very patient , efficient , knowledgeable and professional. People are friendly and show respect to each other. The instructor and trainer are very supportive even after completion of thecourse. I am glad that I came for this class. I’ve learned so much from them :)”

Kenji C.

San Francisco, CA

“I traveled from San Francisco to get microblading training with Elite Permanent makeup and training center. It took me almost one year to make a decision because I needed to be sure I would be trained by the best. Elite is one of the only schools that offer a 5 day training courses and the owner has more than 20 years experience. I need to write this review because it has surpassed my expectations. The salon is amazing and the staff is so friendly and professional all at the same time.”

Heidi H.

San Rafael, CA

“OMG THIS PLACE IS AMAZING!!! I have the perspective of being both a student and a client, and I’ll write about both.

STUDENT:I took the microblading course in Feb. The instructors Shauna and Mahnaz were FAAAAAAABBBB!!! I was nervous thinking, “Wow how am I going to learn this”, and talk about intimidating! Mahnaz is soooooogood and truly known for her artistry so it’s hard not to feel like you totally suck compared to her, right?Not the case AT ALL! She and Shauna make you feel like family. They help you to perfect your craft and won’t let you fail. I have never felt so supported and welcomed in any training capacity, ever.They even offer for you to stay after hours for extra assistance, come in during off-days, etc. They TRULY want you to succeed. I swear I have called Shauna for weeks and months after thecourseended, and she has taken the time to put everything aside and have a convo with me about whatever it was I was confused about.Getting out there to start MB’ing on your own can be scary! But they totally hold your hand, even long after the class is over. I have recommended this training academy to all of my friends and family. Mind you, I am not fromLA originally. So my recommendations literally spanned from NorCal to the East Coast. However, this was not a big deal considering my class was filled with people from all over the country and even one from the U.K. Not kidding ladies (and gents!), pick this school. It is THEEEE BEST! There is a reason why people come from all over the world to come here. It is because of Mahnaz and Shauna.

CLIENT: Ok soI came in a few months after I took my microblading course to get a paramedical tattoo. Mahnaz did the procedure for me and it was painless for the most part. She covered scars that have long given me insecurities. I was in and out in 45 mins or so, and the entire time we chatted about what else? Beauty!It’s funny because I think back to even when I took the course and was so intimidated by this place and now here’s Mahnaz and me chatting about beauty over a paramedical tattoo LOL. It’s like being with a group of old friends when you’re here. I mean that.So Yelpers, I cannot say enough how much I love this place! Call them or just drop in and see for yourself. You won’t regret it”

S J.

Long Beach, CA